Funeral Plans

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Pre-Payment Funeral Plans

Many people wish to take out a funeral plan - they give you the choice of funeral style you want and help ensure financial security for those you leave behind. A pre-payment funeral plan is a sensible option and cost effective. By putting in place financial provisions and plans for a funeral ensures further down the line at an emotional time, your loved ones won't have the stress of making difficult decisions on your behalf.

As a local independent funeral directors, Shayne Stork and his expert team can offer you guidance of the options available for a pre-payment funeral plan. With your funeral wishes documented and fixed at today's prices, you can rest assured everything will be in place when the time comes. From monthly instalments or one-off payment, you choose a payment plan to suit you. 

To find out more about your tailored Pre-Payment Funeral Plan please get in touch with Shayne Stork today on 01603 702702.